Testing and service devices


The testing and swivelling device for big cylinders PSG supports hydrostatic pressure tests with a maximum test
pressure of 500 bar for big compressed gas steel bottles of up to 50 litres.

  • Ergonomic support of big cylinders during pressure tests
  • Hydrotesting of differently sized steel bottles
  • Rapid automatic emptying of cylinders
  • Visual inspection of the interior
  • Attaching the inspection stamp
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Flow meter fordry riser pipes DMT 600

In accordance with DIN 14 462, dry riser pipes in buildings must be subjected to inspections at regular intervals. 

To document the functionality of the lines this test includes, among other things, the following points:
Examination for pressure resistance at 16 bar (static pressure test)


Test of pressure diff erence between the points of feed and withdrawal (at a defi ned rate of fl ow
of 600 L/min)


 DMT 600 Art. No. 186 780


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Durchflussmessgeräte-Eng-Stand 19.01.17
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Description of measurement principle
DMT-Description of measurement principle
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The Flowmaster is your first choice at all points of water withdrawal whenever you need to precisely the pressure and fl ow rate. Its integrated data logger stores up to 360 hours of data, and the digital indicators
directly display the accurate measured values.


  • without moving parts in the measuring tube -extremely robust
  • with installed rechargeable battery for mobile work
  • only 13 kilos total weight

Flowmaster Analog | Art. No. 187 216


Flowmaster DL 250 Digital | Art. No. 187 370


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Hydrotesting system HTG

The hydrotesting system HTG 500 / 60 can test portable fire extinguisher containers and compressed gas cylinders
with different test pressures: either with up to 60 bar, or with up to 500 bar - depending on container type.
Combined system for testing powder, water, foam fire extinguishers as well as CO2 fire extinguishers, CO2
cylinders and breathing apparatus compressed air steel bottles

  • Safe pressure testing with water pressure
  • Hydrotesting of several containers / cylinders in one
  • operating process


HTG 500 | Maximum test pressure: 500 bar | for steel or aluminium compressed gas cylinders | Art. No. 186181


HTG 60 | Maximum test pressure: 60 bar | for containers of portable powder, water or foam fi re extinguishers | Art. No. 186081


HTG Kombi 500/60 | Maximum test pressure:500 bar |  for portable fire extinguisher containers and compressed gas cylinders  | Art. No. 186180


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Hydrant testing pumps    HPP and HPP Maxi

Hydrant testing pumps are compact devices with diff ering adjustable pressure capacity. They are suitable for mobile use for the pressure test of fi re extinguishing water lines, wall hydrant riser pipes and water pressure hoses. A three-plunger water pump with the HPP and a diaphragm pump with the HPP Maxi provides the pressure which can be continuously adjusted by a pressure regulator.


  • Mobile device for "on site" testing
  • Non-hazardous testing with water pressure


HPP | Operating pressure: max. 16 bar, adjustable | Filling power: 12 L/min |  Art. No. 186500


HPP | Operating pressure: max. 30 bar, adjustable | Filling power: 12 L/minn |  Art. No.. 186515


HPP | Operating pressure: max. 60 bar, adjustable | Filling power: 13 l/min | Art. No.186517


HPP Maxi | Operating pressure: max. 30 bar, adjustable | Filling power: 35 L/min max | Art. No.. 186565


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Hose drying device  STG


To dry, one side of the inside wet fi re pressure hoses is connected to the Storz C coupling of the hose drying
device STG. The other end of the hose remains free to discharge air. The device has an air moving power of approx. 1600 L/ min. The heating capacity is 2200 W.

  • Effective drying device for fi re pressure hoses
  • Large roller-bearing mounted transport wheels
  • Integrated mobile base with folding handle


STG Art. No. 186531

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