Water / FOAM Systems

Great time savings whilst servicingwater or foam fi re extinguishers.

FES Liquid Stationary

The FES Liquid Stationary is a complete workstation for service workshops to inspect and / or refi ll water or foam fire extinguishers. It is not only a streamlined but an extremely clean solution when having to process a high number of units in short order.


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FES Liquid stationär

Art. No. 186700

FES Liquid Mobil

The fi re extinguisher emptying system FES Liquid Mobil is a signifi cant contribution to streamlining during the maintenance of water / foam fi re extinguishers. It enables the convenient and above all rapid emptying and fi lling of cartridge pressured and stored pressure extinguishers with 6 to 9 litres wet fi re extinguishing agents.


FES Liquid attachment part with clear inspection container 9 litres and balancer for simple height adjustment of the inspection container. The attachment part with the supplied fixture can be retrofi tted to an existing turnable clamping device DSV Mobil and easily removed as required.


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FES Liquid mobil

inkl. DSV mobil
Art. No. 186720


Attachment part FES Liquid
Art. No. 186725