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Special Tools

Fire extinguisher emptying system | FES

  • Great time savings whilst servicing fi re extinguishers
  • Signifi cantly improved ergonomic working
  • Suitable for all powder suction machines

Clamping devices

Our clamping devices simplify service work on fi re extinguishers.
Of essence is the robustness of all structural parts so that the containers can be held reliably, guaranteeing
safe and accident-free work.

Hose testing device  SPG / SPGV

Pressure resistance and gas-tightness of all fi re extinguisher hoses with and without pistol are tested in the SPGV. addition, this device can also test the safety valves extinguisher valves. The device is connected with pressure hose via quick action coupling to a 50 bar pressure reducer of a compressed air or nitrogen cylinder.

  • Practice-oriented testing of fi re extinguisher hoses and valves
  • High operator protection through shatter-proof polycarbonate hood

Nitrogen filling unit  SFA

The nitrogen fi lling unit SFA is connected by its supply hose with plug-in coupling to the pressure reducer (accessory) of the nitrogen supply bottle. The input pressure gauge indicates the inlet pressure. Opening the ball valve fills the fi re extinguisher via a connected coiled filling hose and a filling connector (accessory).

  • High work safety - no overfilling of containers
  • Integrated release of the filling line

Electronic and mechanical scales